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Duval x Svetlana Chernienko for Mental Health

  Svetlana Chernienko Owner and Founder of Clozet Freak steps out of the closet with Duval Canada in a fashionable way for Mental Health Week. Svetlana Chernienko Owner and founder of Clozet Freak inc / Cosmetics has teamed up with Duval Canada in hope For Mental Health Week May 7th-13thin hopes of ENDING THE STIGMA in Mental Illness. Svetlana and Owner of DUVAL Canada Esther Hempel wanted to raise money for this cause however also wanted to remind those suffering in silence through this piece to always stand strong , So they collaborated on a beautiful emerald green bag which is available at . Svetlana also created a new lip colour that will be sold  called LOVING RED and 20%...

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