Duval x Svetlana Chernienko for Mental Health


Svetlana Chernienko Owner and Founder of Clozet Freak steps out of the closet with Duval Canada in a fashionable way for Mental Health Week.

Svetlana Chernienko Owner and founder of Clozet Freak inc / Cosmetics has teamed up with Duval Canada in hope For Mental Health Week May 7th-13thin hopes of ENDING THE STIGMA in Mental Illness.

Svetlana and Owner of DUVAL Canada Esther Hempel wanted to raise money for this cause however also wanted to remind those suffering in silence through this piece to always stand strong , So they collaborated on a beautiful emerald green bag which is available at www.duvalcanada.com . Svetlana also created a new lip colour that will be sold onwww.clozetfreakcosmetics.com  called LOVING RED and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to her and Esther’s charities as well.

What a great paring a fashionable emerald green purse and a vibrant lip colour, a definite conversation piece. Merging beauty and fashion for such a difficult topic.

It’s no secret that this mother of 4 (Svetlana Chernienko) survivor of domestic violence and a sufferer of mental illness, isan advocate for Mental Health as she battles with anxiety (GAD) Panic Disorder, PTSDand depressionfor over 15 years due to trauma that has happened in her life.


She wants to erase the stigma of Mental illness eventually globally by Not  staying silent and starting a dialogue and this collaboration is one way her and Owner of Duval Canada have chosen to express themselves and have a way of having something to talk about. What a better cause then for people who suffer in silence with Mental Illness                          

So why did Svetlana Chose Duval Canada?

DUVALis a Canadian leather accessories brand based in Edmonton, AB. Founded by Esther Hempel in June 2016. Esther is not only a designer, but also a wife and mother of 2 children. All handbags are designed and made locally in her home studio, making it the perfect space for her to accomplish the many things happening between business and home life.       

From the start Esther has had a big passion for giving back to the world. In high school, she had the privilege to go to Peru and Costa Rica on mission trips and this sparked an interest in philanthropy and making the world a better place any way possible! This is why upon launching DUVAL; a core mission of the company was to donate 10% of profits to charity.

So who are Svetlana and Esther Giving to?

Svetlana Has Chosen the Douglas Foundation, because they touch on so many levels of mental illness but they also touch on prevention and treating psychosis, they have a global expertise in dealing with the prevention of depression and suicide as well as child and adolescent psychiatry programs …so much more.

Esther has chosen a local charity in Edmonton called WE All Believe in you. Normally Duval gives 10% however since this is collaboration Esther is donating 20%, 10 to each of their charities.

Svetlana,” Labels belong on jars, not people”.We need to use and show more compassion to those who are suffering. Just because it’s not something that’s always visible it shouldn’t just be thrown under the rug. 

In 2016 she raised money by hosting Twerk For a Cause ( AS SEEN ON GLOBAL NEWS MONTREAL), it was a fitness event where men and women came together and showed support for Domestic Violence. SvetlanaChernienko will continue to raise awareness and raise money for charities that are close to her heart .

CLOZET FREAK INC / COSMETICS Founder Svetlana Chernienko says I want to make a difference in this world. I want to teach my children to give back and pay any success forward to others maybe this will make the global changes necessary.’ All it takes is a drop of kindness.’ 


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 We'd like to thank Val Provost Photography  for taking the time to help us bring this picture together. You can also see her work at : www.valerieprovost.com