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About Svetlana Chernienko :

Is there anything more important than love? We all know that when we experience it, every part of us glows - from our skin to our eyes to our hearts. Momtrepreneur, Model, Actress and Motivational Speaker Svetlana Chernienko, dubbed “Skin Guru” by many a famous Hollywood actor, is launching the 2016/2017 tour “Take Back Control Of Your Beauty”, along with her foundation Clozet Freak Cares, in effort to guide make-up users and artists alike (film/TV/fashion) about the unsafe ingredients used in today’s cosmetics. And she’s doing so with love - love for animals (her line isn't tested on animals), love for sensitive skin (Paraben and Fragrance free, Non-Comedogenic), love for those affected by allergies ( Allergy Tested), love for our Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters (Kosher, Halal ), and of course love for local manufacturing (all products are made in North America).

Another side of this mother of 4 is her dance background . She studied ballet as a child and then after having her first child she decided to learn the art of pole dancing to get herself backs into shape. Svetlana is also an advocate for Mental Illness as she battles with anxiety and depression for over 15 years due to trauma that has happened in her life, she wants to erase the stigma of mental illness by not staying silent and starting a dialogue and dance is one way to express ones self and it’s health for those who deal with mood disorders.

In 2016 Svetlana's friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer , in solidarity to her and so many other women Svetlana shaved her head to break the social standard of beauty and show many women with or without hair a woman can not only be beautiful but feminine as well. 

Having a true passion for travelling and different cultures she wanted to expand her dancing skills, so while in West Africa she stayed 2 years to learn several different tribal dances in Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast... She had then realized that our modernized dance we called "Twerking" actually came from almost all the different ceremonial dances in Africa. Svetlana always said ," we in the western world took a very cultural dance and hyper sexualized it". When coming back to North America she was working on her cosmetics line as well as giving private African dance classes for women who either wanted to get into shape or wanted to feel sexy and have fun. Not feeling quit purposeful teaching African dance she wanted to re create , revamp her dance studio into a co-working space for artists and put more focus on her community and mental health issues in men , women and children.

There are many facets to her … people always ask her how does she do it all, she always says in order for her to function she has to multitask. Svetlana says,” I don’t only want to be known for my cosmetics because it’s not the only thing that I offer”. Svetlana has truly epitomized the true meaning of "Girl Power". She wants all women to feel sexy in the skin their in , no matter the size or shape. Her goal is to unify everyone and teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle . Can you believe that with all of this on her plate she also raises money and awareness for Breast cancer , LGBTQ , Mental Health , Heart Foundation , Veterans suffering with PTSD and Domestic Violence as she is a survivor. 

Her main goal is to get rid of the taboo and stigma that mental illness carries , she continues to be vocal on radio interviews , tv shows and social media about her struggles so that others may learn to better cope as well as be more vocal about mental health. Purchasing and supporting her brand means supporting The Mental Health Foundation as her new mission in 2018 is to give a portion of her sales of cosmetics and donate to the Mental Health Foundation.


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